0% Risk Added, Worry-Free At All.

Try pillows for 60 nights at your home laaa, not just 60 seconds at the physical store!

It's one-click away!

With just 1 click on website, the 60-nights trial comes together with any Noctor Pillow Bun Set Meal in your first purchase, congrats!

Then, try it in bed.

Welcome Noctor Bedies! The Pillow Bun will reach your home shortly. Unbox the joy & try it in bed! Your bedroom would be the best showroom!

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Good thing takes time! Your body needs time to fully adjust to a new pillow, so take make it part of your me-time & bed time routine!


What if I really really, change my mind..?

  • Send Us an Email.

    Greet us at support@heychillnoctor.com

    to apply for return within trial period.


  • Ship Back To Us.

    Once return confirmed,

    wrap the pillow back to it's original looks & ship back to us.


  • Wait for Refund!

    Keep your good mood

    & wait for the refund once the

    checking confirmation is done.


We Backed You Up With Just 3 Simple Steps!

Be sure that you have go through the T&C apply completely~

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