Hey, We're Noctor!

Your New All Time Favourite Emotions Barrier.

Night + Doctor = Noctor. But please be rest assured, we will never ask you to consume any pills & bla bla bla... We just want to serve you the "Bedtime Good Food" that helps in create a chillest sleep environment, just perfect for you to chill away from stress and sleep well!


We just want you to smile at the me time, slip into purest self-love & sleep with a chillin' good mood!

Neo & Pheon, Co-Founder

  • Young M'sia Brand

    1st young MALAYSIA brand who

    created "0% stress added"

    sleep environment.

  • Brighten Up Sleep

    More CHILL = SLEEP Better!

    Is all about bringing joy & love

    to this tired industry!

  • For Perfect Chill

    Fun & premium bedding products

    + Design that talks to you

    = Purest good mood :)

Instead of Walk The Talk, We Sleep.

Meet Neo & Pheon!

The Couple Who Love To Sleep, A Lot.

Yes, we slept a lot and were really really loved to! We truly believed that a good mood should come first before we sleep well, no doubt! So, we have a dream in mind: We want Malaysians to be able to sleep in a chilin' good mood with 0 stress added! Just sleep freely & chill like us!

The Bedtime Story.

Here's how we spent our daytime studying sleep just to see your night time smile~


A Stressfull Night..

Lisa was tossing and turning in bed, she had been up all night.. OMG! She was struggling with sleep anxiety! This was all because she brought the stress of the day into the night..

Meanwhile, she noticed that she had a squishy bun toy! Just at her first squeeze, a sense of relaxation flooded her mind! " Hmm.. It was so chill, it calmed me down!"


The Next Day..

Lisa was so excited to tell us about her ideas: "If the pillow could be as fluffy & squishy as the bun, I will feel a sense of belonging in bed!".

Then, the Noctor team started spending their waking time to study sleep! After nearly a year of studying.. TAADAA! The Pillow Bun was finally born!


Story Begins!

We started to look for the best suit ingredient. In the end, we teamed up with BASF from Germany to build a foam that gives the fluffy feel of "like pillow like bun". DING! The well-baked Fluffeel™ Foam is ready to be served!

Back in the lab, the Pillow Bun was tested several times to fit all kinds of sleepers positions!


Recipe is Ready!

The well-prepared Pillow Bun recipe is ready too! We are using long-staple cotton as the main ingredient for the pillowcase, just right for that buttery soft feeling!

For the knit cover itself, Tencel™ fabric has been selected to keep you cool and smooth all night!


Sweet Dream!

"Goodnight Lisa, have a chill night".

See how blessed Lisa was! Dream strike, Lisa was finally able to hit the sack smoothly every night. That was the sweetest dream Lisa ever had like never before!

Ready for the Chilliest Bites?